Looking for life satisfaction? Then best move to Orkney

February 2, 2017

highland park orkney sea view with stones

If being home to ‘The Best Spirit in the World’ wasn’t reason enough to pay a visit to Orkney, you might be tempted now it’s once again been named the best place to live in Scotland.

According to a recent survey, our fellow Orcadians benefit from one of the lowest population densities and traffic levels in Scotland, along with some of the most breathtaking scenery in the British Isles.

This matched with low crime rates, high employment and a large number of pubs per head of population means that the people of Orkney share the lowest levels of anxiety and the highest life satisfaction ratings. Result.

This comes as no surprise to us.  It’s been our home since 1798 and we’re certain that it is not only the physical influence of Orkney’s wonderfully temperate climate that shapes our whisky, we think that the people who work in our distillery and the ‘Viking Soul’ of those that surround us help create Highland Park’s distinctly Orcadian personality.

If you still need convincing to make the trip to Orkney, our Distillery and Visitor Centre was recently named Whisky Visitor Attraction of the Year at Whisky Magazine’s 2017 Icons of Whisky Awards.  So do come and pay us a visit.

Also not to be missed – here are our top three must see places in Orkney:

  1. Skara Brae – the best-preserved Neolithic settlement in Western Europe
  2. St Magnus Cathedral – known as the ‘Light in the North’, this is one of Orkney’s most impressive landmarks
  3. The Italian Chapel – a highly ornate Catholic chapel built during World War II by Italian prisoners of war

We think you’ll love Orkney as much as we do.

Highland Park Whisky, The Orkney Single Malt with #VikingSoul

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8 Responses to “Looking for life satisfaction? Then best move to Orkney”

  1. Tim Chounard says:

    Will be visiting Scotland in early May… Would love to squeeze in a visit to Orkney and the distillery…Does the ferry schedule offer a variety of times to come and go? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!! 😊

    • Highland Park says:

      Hi Tim, please do come and visit. The Visit Orkney website is great for all information on how to get to Kirkwall http://www.visitorkney.com/getting-here

    • Malcolm Watson says:

      Last time I travelled to Orkney, we used Pentland Ferries from Gills Bay (near John O Groats) to St Margarets Hope. Fast crossing. Helicopter crews were practising landing on the car deck. Apart from paying homage to the Head Distiller at Highland Park, a visit to Tomb of the Eagles and Skara Brae worth a visit and as many other sites you can squeeze in. Visit St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall.
      Lucky you. Regards.

  2. alex combe says:

    i bought a bottle of einer at the airport in vancouver. i am ex pat scot never a fan of the peat but this malt is exquisite congratulations send it to the liquor stores the 12 year old is nice but slightly different slainte

    • Highland Park says:

      Thanks for the feedback Alex, we’re glad you’re enjoying the Einar. We’ll let you know if it makes is to stores.

  3. Gary Callahan says:

    I’m a Yank (really!) and have fallen in love with Highland Park’s 12 yr. old. I rave about it to anyone who’s even remotely interested in Scotch Whisky. I’ve been to Scotland only once, from Oban to Edinburgh; taking about a week to do so. As a result I’m accustomed to the climate (rain) and latitude.

    OK, enough of the flattery. I really like the adver to come over and visit. You’ve whetted my appetite. But what’s the cost of living like? Is a move truly a real possibility?

    • Highland Park says:

      Hi Gary, we thank you greatly for your kind words and figure the only way you’ll believe us on the beauty of our motherland is to see it in person. It’s a long trip so we’ll forgive you if it takes a while. But it’s worth it, we promise. There will be a dram waiting upon your arrival.


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