My Favourite City… Hamburg

February 16, 2017

As well as his role as Key Account Manager for Beam Suntory, our distributor in Germany, Jens Rosenburg also heads up a team of three local Brand Ambassadors.

Jens RosenburgIn the nine years Jens has been working with Highland Park he has become somewhat an expert on the best places to buy and drink whisky in Germany. In this interview we asked him to tell us a little about Hamburg, where he also lived for 12 years.

Hamburg is a beautiful and intriguing city, with lots to keep you occupied; like the many bridges crossing the water, the culture and night life, shopping districts and waterfront. If you are heading there in search of the best places to drink whisky then look no further, thanks to Jens we have them all here for you.


Where to enjoy Highland Park in Hamburg?

Whether you prefer to stay in the city centre or head to the waterside, Jens has recommendations for both:

Where might we find the best Highland Park mixed drinks?

I think most people prefer to have a single malt Scotch whisky such as the Highland Park 18 Year Old neat or maybe on the rocks. However, if you prefer your malts mixed then look no further than:

“FACT: Did you know that Hamburg has more bridges than Venice, or Amsterdam?”

Top 3 bars in Hamburg with whisky at their heart?

If I had to choose then these are the three I’d recommend, but expect to find good knowledge and hospitality wherever you drink.

  • Le Lion Bar
  • Le Ciel Hotel Le Meridien
  • And of course, the well known Bartender / Owner Uwe Christiansen’s, Bar Christiansen´s

What is your favourite place in the city?

You can’t beat the view from the Ciel Bar over the Aussen Alster. Head to the 9th floor, it doesn´t matter if it’s summer or winter, the view is always fantastic!

There are so many amazing places to visit in Hamburg, why not explore and search for your favourite place to drink Highland Park Whisky.

And finally…

Jens is really passionate about Highland Park – his all time favourite dram is our award-winning 18 Year Old, which he believes is the best all-rounder you can buy.

Highland Park Whisky, The Orkney Single Malt with #VikingSoul

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