Highland Park DANNEBROG

December 16, 2016

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Highland Park DANNEBROG – a very special Danish edition

Highland Park has produced an exclusive single cask for the Danish market to celebrate the 808th year-anniversary of the Danish flag called ‘Dannebrog’. According to legend the original flag fell from the skies in Estonia during a battle in 1208!

Martin Markvardsen, senior brand ambassador, said: ”Every year, I sample hundreds of casks and with the Danes in mind, I kept returning to cask no. 1933. There was simply something distinctly Danish about that batch with its nuances of vanilla, citrus and peat – just the way the Danes prefer their single malt.”

Martin first stumbled across cask no. 1933 on Orkney and fell for its balanced profile. Literally. He stumbled over the cask and immediately knew that this might be the perfect match for the Danes and their crooked sense of humour. After tasting, returning, and tasting again, he began his research. Falling over the cask like Dannebrog fell from the skies, he hoped to discover that there was a flag anniversary in the near future.

In his thorough detective work, he came across associate professor Lasse C.A. Sonner from the SAXO Institute, University of Copenhagen. Lasse explained how the birth of Dannebrog did not – as commonly believed – take place in 1219 but in fact happened in 1208. Consequently, an 800-year-anniversary was already too late for this new variant!

However, Martin decided to celebrate the quirkiness of the Danish people with an odd anniversary year anyway saying: ”As we’re not even close to a round-number anniversary, Highland Park Single Cask Dannebrog is instead launched at the 808th anniversary of Dannebrog. In reality, this matches the complexity of the Danes – and their taste in whisky – much better,” Martin, a Dane himself, laughs.

Highland Park Single Cask DANNEBROG is a clear, amber whisky with a hint of sweet aromas from honey and vanilla. Contrasted by subtle complex nuances, the initially straightforward whisky settles discreetly in a semi long aftertaste. It’s a limited edition of 648 bottles and only available to buy in Denmark.

Single Cask Make-up

ABV 60.3%

Appearance Clear amber

Aroma Sweet vanilla, toasted oak, mixed peat, clear honey

Taste Creamy vanilla, light wood, citrus peel, a hint of smoke

Aftertaste Light, sweet and spicy

29 Responses to “Highland Park DANNEBROG”

  1. Ole Prdersen says:

    Where Can you bit it

  2. Sune Tejlgaard Jensen says:

    Hello and god day to you
    Thank you for making this whisky
    When is release and where can it be bought in Denmark ?
    Best regards Sune Tejlgaard Jensen

  3. Luke thornton says:

    Where can I buy this from? Is it only Denmark, if so what shops is it available?

  4. bettina simosen says:

    i love that whisky

  5. Erik Asnyg says:

    Dear Sirs /Madams,

    Can you please tell me where I can purchase the Highland Park Dannebrog.

    Thanks a lot in advance.


    Erik Asnyg

  6. Karina andersen says:

    I’m located in Denmark and I am looking for the highland park Dannebrog ! Where can I buy one ?

  7. Kristian says:

    Will it be possible to buy Dannebrog outside denmark?

    /Mr K

  8. jesper krog says:

    hallo im from denmark and stay in kolding jutland where can i buy one bottle of highland park dannebrog

    best regards

    mr jesper krog

  9. Christian says:

    Hi. I am very interested in this edition. I am located in Copenhagen. Where can I purchase it? Thanks

  10. Manuel Romero says:

    Excelente muy apetitoso.

  11. Andreas Sauer says:

    This is incredible, I happen to live in the danish city of Randers, any idea which stores close by would be selling this?

    • Highland Park says:

      Hi Andreas, we don’t have access to stock levels but the nearest stores to you are:
      Eastcost Whisky, Als
      Vinkyperen, Aarhus
      Dahls Vinhandel, Viborg

  12. Stevie says:

    Can you buy this in airports in Denmark

  13. Rene Rasmussen says:

    I live in Denmark, in Randers. what would be the nearest shop to buy it? For no one online have any.


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